3rd qtrlly profits from HMO

We usually do not look at the overall income that includes investment income, but solely the operating income.  Here are the numbers:bcbs ma

  • Blue Cross (2,800,000  subscribers) 13,600,000 profit
  • Harvard (1,200,000 subscribers) 100,000 profit
  • Tufts (1,000,000 subscribers) 4,200,000 loss
  • Fallon (227,000 subscribers) 1,600,000 profit

We usually see that the rate increases directly related to operational profit or loss.  Bottom line if I had Blue Cross for my insurance, I would feel good about upcoming renewals.  On the other hand, Tufts needs to be questioning their rating structure and you may seem some pretty hefty rate increase from them moving forward.



massachusetts health insurance rates

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