April 1st–big renewal date

health insurance renewalApril1st is either the biggest or second biggest renewal date other then January 1st for businesses in Massachusetts.  Small businesses mainly obtain their health insurance through an intermediary to obtain their health insurance.  They do not go direct to the carrier. All the intermediaries we are aware of renew April 1st.

Typically, there businesses will get a letter in the mail March 1st letting them know what there renewal rate will be April 1st with a grid showing plan alternatives.  The grid is very confusing and when a client tries to call the intermediary there are long hold times, since everyone else that the intermediary handles renews April 1st.

  • Why wait until you get the renewal letter in the mail?
  • Why are you paying an annual or monthly administration fee to buy your health insurance?

This year be pro-active, do not wait until you get your renewal letter to start reviewing your health insurance options.  Send us an e-mail today and we will get you alternative quotes now to compare to your renewal when it comes in.


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