Buying health insurance is not like Amazon

health insurance policyFallon Health plans is across the street from my office.  They sell HMO’s with different networks:

In addition to the HMO, there is  a PPO product.  Some plans have deductibles versus co-payments, which is a huge difference.  If I were to go to their broker website and look at plan summaries, there is 58 different plans to choose.

Although I do this every day, I need to double check to make sure what I think is in fact correct.  This is just one plan, Fallon.   My point is how do we expect people who do not do this every day, go on our website and determine which plan is the best for them?

Going on the Exchange is not like a buying a book or DVD from Amazon.  I can very easily see people buy plans with networks that do not include their doctors or have procedures being done not realizing they are subject to a deductible.

Affordable Care Act, Massachsuetts Connector Authority

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