December 23rd deadline

writing a checkKeep in mind that the December 23rd deadline to enroll is if you want coverage effective January 1st.  The open enrollment continues through the end of March.

You still enroll after December 23rd, but the new effective date will be February 1st until the deadline that is established in January. This will happen again in February and March.

Now lets talk about the 365,000 (only 137,000 through the Federal Exchange that has 36 states), who have supposedly signed up effective January 1st.  Coverage is not effective unless you pay the premium by January 1st.

You may have gone on line and bought a plan but spent more on Xmas presents then you thought and not pay the premium.   This happens all the time with COBRA.  An employee leaves a company and says that they will continue COBRA benefits, but when they actually have to cut the check???

My bet is that you will lose at least half of these applications when they actually have to write the check.


Affordable Care Act, Obamacare

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