Fallon CEO Pat Hughes announces retirement

Pat Hughes

Pat Hughes

A few weeks back we wrote a blog that Fallon Community Health Plan was ripe for take-over.     After writing it, we heard back from several sources that Fallon was NOT For Sale.  

It is good to know that Fallon Community is “not for sale”, since it would be a huge loss to Worcester if they were to be bought out by, for example, Harvard-Pilgrim which is being run by former Fallon boss Eric Schultz.

Now today we hear Pat Hughes will be retiring.  What can we read into this?  We are not sure…  We all know the official word from Fallon will be that they are not for sale and that all is well.    What else would they say?

Eric Schultz

Eric Schultz

We hope that the City of Worcester is doing all they can to make sure Fallon Community Health Plans does not merge with a larger carrier and remains in downtown Worcester.   Maybe the local legislators can help them with the “Risk Adjustments” that just cost them almost $12 million dollars.

Here is hoping a new CEO is named shortly and who then commits to expanding  their presence in the Central Massachusetts.The next 6-12 months will be very pivotal for Fallon and the City of Worcester.




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