Fallon Classic deductible plans

There are two types of plans that HMO’s offer in Massachusetts:

  • co-payment
  • deductibles

Co-payment plans are simple.  You have a service done and you pay the corresponding payment; for example, hospitalization may be $1,000 while day surgeries are $250.  The good thing about co-payments plans is that there is little confusion.

On the other hand, deductible plans have co-payments for certain items:

  • office visits
  • emergency room
  • prescription

All expenses outside a “normal” office visit, diagnostic lab testing, diagnostic non-lab (X-rays, MRI-CAT-PET scans), hospitalizations and day surgeries go towards an annual plan year deductible.  We see $500, $1,000 and $2,000 deductible plans all the time with a limit of two times the deductible per family.  Recently, Blue Cross came out with a $3,000 deductible (note last post).

Fallon, however, has a few deductible plans that they refer to as “Classic”.    These plans will cover diagnostic lab testing as part of a “normal” office visit and not apply the deductible.    If you had a non-Classic plan and incurred $300 in expenses for bloodwork, you would have to pay this out of pocket as part of your deductibe.  On the other hand, if you had a “Classic” plan, you would have this covered as part of your office co-payment.

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