Fallon Direct network starting to pick up steam

Fallon has two networks in Worcester that we sell.  In the past people were mainly only interested in the Select Network We like to tell our clients that this network matches up best with Blue Cross, Harvard-Pilgrim and Tufts.   

Fallon has another smaller network that they call Direct, which is approximately 10% lower then Select.   FallonCommunityHealthPlan In the past we really did not talk about this alot, but recently we have been selling this quite alot.  Why?  The network has become quite large!!   Click on the Direct network link above!!   The biggest difference between Select and Direct in Central Mass is UMASS and Heywood in Gardner is not in the Direct network. 

Bottom line if the Direct network fits your needs, this is a great option for you.    If you want send us a listing of the doctors you and your employees utilize and we can check to see if they are in the Direct network or not.

Any questions or if you need any quotes, send us an e-mail. 

We have some companies that offer Select and Direct alongside each other and have the employees pay the entire difference if they want to keep the larger Select network. 

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