Fallon follow-up, NOT FOR SALE

Needless to say we received many comments back on our last column titled,  Fallon Community Health Plans ripe for take-over?  

The message we received loud and clear is that Fallon is “NOT FOR SALE”, which we are very glad to hear.   If Fallon were to be bought by, for example Harvard-Pilgrim, this would be a huge loss to the City of Worcester.

Although the termination of the Fallon Total Care product greatly concerned us; here are some positive developments:

  • Summit Eldercare is doing great and expanding in Springfield and Lowell
  • Navicare is expanding (video below)
  •  There are some new commercial products in the 1-50 marketplace rolling out in 2016 that should hopefully increase membership.

A Fallon Community Health Plans that is growing and profitable is a good thing for Worcester.   Lets hope FCHP sends the same message to larger HMO’s, that we know would be interested, looking for growth that they are “NOT FOR SALE”.



Fallon Health Insurance Plans

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