Health insurance quotes in Central Massachusetts

Advantage Benefits

Advantage Benefits

Anyone can run health insurance quotes for your business.   It was much easier ten years ago when each carrier would have three plan options.   Think about it!!  I remember when there was:

  1. 100% coverage for hospital and day surgery
  2. $250 for hospitalization and $150 for day surgery
  3. $500 for hospitalization and $250 for day surgery

 Now each carrier:

  • has different networks  (larger one then a smaller one with lower rates)
  • deductibles versus co-payments
  • high deductible
  • tiered networks
  • HSA compliant plans

Now each carrier literally can have 50 plan options.   You need a broker, who can listen to what you need and pick the best plan that fits you needs.   Then, and only then, get you a rate.

We have been in business since 1992 and have been working with all the major carriers.  If you would like a no cost review of your health insurance, send us an e-mail today. 

Advantage Benefits


Health Insurance Quotes

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