Health Insurance rates status summer 2014

Hope everyone is having a safe summer.    Overall been a slow summer as far as health insurance rates.  Right now we are still waiting for the release of the 4th quarter rates.  
The main thing we keep seeing are high deductible plans with the employer having an HRA plan to pay a portion of the deductible for employees. Most common is $1,000, but many have $2,000 while there are not so many $500 deductible remaining.   Not many employers are paying the entire deductible anymore.   
Blue Cross $3,000 deductible that is only compliant with the Commonwealth’s MCC if the employer has an HRA that pays at least $1,000 to limit employee exposure to $2,000 has proved to be very popular.  We see more insurance companies coming up with plans with high deductibles like this. 
If you feel you are paying more, however, for less, you were not wrong.  A state report says Bay State premiums rose 9.7 percent between 2009 and 2011, while the value of that coverage shrank 5.1 percent.
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Blue Cross of Massachusetts, Health Insurance rates

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