Health New England not ready for Worcester

hneClient of mine got some very good rates from Health New England, an HMO based out of Springfield.  They are a very good company their benefits matched up real well with Fallon.

The problem was their network is more a Western Mass HMO that is moving into Central Mass.  Here is listing of their hospitals.  Although they have UMASS in their network, they do not have:

  • Worcester (Med City)
  • Southbridge (Harrington)
  • Leominster-Fitchburg (Health Alliance)
  • Boston (Partners)

Then we also realizes that the owner had just fulfilled their deductible, which Fallon gives credit for the last 90 days of the plan year. Then you have Healthy Health Plan rewards (200 per subscriber) and Fitness benefit (400 for family and 200 for singles).

In the end although the benefits matched up and the rates were more, it made alot more sense to stay with Fallon then to switch.

Fallon Health Insurance Plans, Health New England

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