Insurance Partnership has ended

iplogoOne of the better programs the Commonwealth of Massachusetts offered was called the Insurance Partnership.  It helped employees of small companies (under 50 employees) , who were income eligible (numbers below) and paid 50% of their health insurance.

Eligible employees could get up to $150 per month for themselves and up to $227 per month per dependent.  Employers can earn annually 400/single, 800/couple and 1000/family to cover the costs to administer (there is alot of paperwork).

It was a great program because the company used the market to find the best plan for themselves whether it be Fallon, Health New England or Blue Cross then get reimbursements based on income eligibility.  There was no exchange!!

Great program for small businesses to help their lower paid employees keep their insurance.  It is ending December 31, 2013 “because of new opportunities under national health care reform”??    Unreal!!

Here is link for more information.

Household size Annual Income
(300% FPG)
1 $34,476
2 $46,536
3 $58,596
4 $70,656
5 $82,716
6 $94,776
7 $106,836
each extra person +$12,060

Affordable Care Act

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