Masssachusetts Wellness Tax Credit

When you mention implementing wellness plans, employers immediately say:
  • ” we can’t spend any money on that and it isn’t a good fit with our employees”
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts realized this, but they also know they only real way you can control health insurance premiums is to lower claims. How do you lower claims?  You need to have a healthier pool of subscribers!
As a result the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has passed a Massachusetts Wellness Tax Credit to incentivize employers to start  a wellness plan. How do they do that?
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts will let you get a tax credit up to 25% of all monies spent on eligible safety expenses to a maximum of $10,000, if you have a wellness plan.  Here are some expenses that are eligible:
  • safety consultants
  • uniforms
  • safety goggles
  • improvements to workplace safety
  • automatic external defibrillators
  • ergonomic furniture
  • keyboards
  • vending machines
  • lunchroom microwaves

If you like what you hear, all you need now if for us to show you how to start a wellness plan.  Here is a video from one of them:

vanessa wellness

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