MCC requires prescriptions??

walmartAll the politicians says they want to provide relief for small businesses and their health insurance premium.  We are a small business and we have to buy health insurance for ourselves.  Neither my wife, myself or daughter are on any prescriptions, but I have to prescription coverage (PCS).

Why? The Commonwealth of Massachusetts says that in order to avoid paying a penalty you need to have Minimum Credible Coverage (MCC).  Imagine if you had to have boat insurance on your homeowner’s insurance, even if you did not own a boat?

Conservatively I have heard that if the PCS coverage was removed, my premiums would drop 8-10%.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts should not require PCS coverage in order to meet MCC.  This especially makes sense when companies like Walmart have a list of prescriptions that grows every day.

Minimum Credible Coverage, walmart prescriptions

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