Minuteman Health starting to become an option in Central Mass



Any HMO is only as good as their network.    Many times clients will hear an advertisement and ask for a quote, then we have to tell them that there are no doctors or hospitals in their area that can accept them.   That was the case with Minuteman Health.

Although Minuteman does not stack up well against companies like Blue Cross, Tufts and Harvard network wise, they are starting to be a viable option in Central Massachusetts. .  Recently they have added Reliant Medical and Southboro Medical into our network of physicians to go along with St. Vincent’s Medical Group, CMIPA, and Metro West Medical Center.

If you would like a quote send us an e-mail.  






We are strong in Merrimack Valley, North Shore, South Shore, South Coast, New Hampshire, and other areas of Massachusetts for both Large Group and Small Group business.


I would like to set up a time to stop out and visit with you to talk about what Minuteman Health care offer your clients.


I will be in Worcester on Tuesday next week (July 25th).  Would that day work or is there a day over the next couple of weeks that would work better?


Please let me know.




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