Open enrollment period 6 months long?

open enrollmentAffordable Healthcare has a 6 month open enrollment period (October – March).  Typically an open enrollment period is one month, where an employees whether or not they want coverage.  If they do not sign up, then they have to wait 11 months until the next open enrollment.

If you go to the Federal site or the Massachusetts Connector Exchange, Massachusetts is are not participating in the National Exchange, you have six months to enroll?  If you are health and not sure if you want health insurance, why sign up now???

Wait till March and sign up for April 1st.  You will not pay a penalty since you are allowed not to have health insurance for 3 months.  There are so many problems with how this was set up.  Makes you wonder if they even consulted with anyone who actually sells health insurance???

Affordable Care Act, Massachsuetts Connector Authority

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