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High Deductible Plans

Often referred to as Concumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP) If you have an overall healthy group, you should seriously look into these plans.  The benefits are excellent outside [..]

High Deductible Plans

Self-insured health plans

Typically self-insured health insurance was only for large companies, 100 or more, and we never ever discussed this with our clients.  Over the past 20 years we have seen a [..]

Self-insured health insurance

Orthondontia dental coverage

 Have you already hit the maximum on your orthodontia with your dental insurance typically set at $1,000 lifetime benefit?  Have you considered changing carriers to get another orthdontia [..]

Dental Insurance

Insurance Partnership has ended

One of the better programs the Commonwealth of Massachusetts offered was called the Insurance Partnership.  It helped employees of small companies (under 50 employees) , who were income [..]

Affordable Care Act

Obamacare Risk Corridor just another bail out

As discussed on this blog, the insurers based their rates through the exchanges based on an initial enrollment of 500,000 subscribers. The actual enrolled, however, was only 100,000.   [..]

Affordable Care Act, risk corridor

Why dental insurance makes sense

For a long time I was not a big believer in dental insurance for myself. Only had a couple cleaners per year and maybe a cavity here and [..]


Health New England not ready for Worcester

Client of mine got some very good rates from Health New England, an HMO based out of Springfield.  They are a very good company their benefits matched up [..]

Fallon Health Insurance Plans, Health New England

Individual mandate penalty needs to increase to make ACA successful

The key for Obamacare to succeed is that healthy people, who do not have health insurance, need to “jump in the pool”.  If they do not then when [..]

Affordable Care Act

3rd qtrlly profits from HMO

We usually do not look at the overall income that includes investment income, but solely the operating income.  Here are the numbers: Blue Cross (2,800,000  subscribers) 13,600,000 profit [..]

massachusetts health insurance rates

Coverage of pre-existing conditions reduces competition

I started selling insurance in 1986 and I can remember the days when there were many companies selling health insurance including State Mutual right here in Worcester.  We [..]

Massachusetts Healthcare Reform