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Control claim costs to control premiums

Universal health insurance did nothing to control claim costs or thereby premiums.  The only thing that controls premiums is to contains costs!!   Over the past five years the [..]

Affordable Care Act, High Deductible Plans

Buying health insurance is not like Amazon

Fallon Health plans is across the street from my office.  They sell HMO’s with different networks: Direct Select Steward Tiered In addition to the HMO, there is  a [..]

Affordable Care Act, Massachsuetts Connector Authority

Open enrollment period 6 months long?

Affordable Healthcare has a 6 month open enrollment period (October – March).  Typically an open enrollment period is one month, where an employees whether or not they want [..]

Affordable Care Act, Massachsuetts Connector Authority

December 23rd deadline

Keep in mind that the December 23rd deadline to enroll is if you want coverage effective January 1st.  The open enrollment continues through the end of March. You [..]

Affordable Care Act, Obamacare

Massachusetts Connector Authority is down

In Massachusetts we are not participating in the Federal Exchange, instead we have our own exchange that we call the Connector Authority.  We have all heard about the [..]

Affordable Care Act, Massachsuetts Connector Authority

12,000 dollar deductibles?

Over the past couple of days I have heard many people mention 12,000 deductibles for “Bronze” plans through the the Federal Exchange.  I have gone on the site [..]

Affordable Care Act, Massachhusetts Individual penalty, Minimum Credible Coverage

90 day grace period for Obamacare!!

This is completely insane!  Learned about this today reading this article in the Propublica. “Under the rule interpreting the law, insurers offering plans on the exchanges must provide [..]

Affordable Care Act, Obamacare

Wellness fairs eligible for wellness tax credit

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts started a Wellness Tax Credit this year, but few know about it and those who do don’t know what to do.  It is a [..]

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Individuals will be subject to two penalties in 2014

Early this year, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts repealed their Employer Fair Share penalty starting in 2014.  They did this, even though the Emploer Mandate does not start under [..]

Affordable Care Act, Individual mandate

3,000 deductible health plans work!!

We have been having alot of success showing the $3,000 dollar deductible from  Blue Cross. To go from a $2,000 deductible to the $3,000 cuts the rates about [..]

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