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April 1st rates are out

Each quarter insurance companies submit their proposed health insurance rates for the next quarter to the Division of Insurance to review.  After going back and forth, they usually [..]

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GoLocalWorcester column-Health Insurance Corner (HIC)

I have alot of fun writing a column for GoLocalWorcester on the Worcester Airport, FlyORH.  Last week, I proposed a column, Health Insurance Corner (HIC), that I would [..]

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Number of dependents =big difference in rates

As of January 1st, we need to get dates of birth on all dependents.   In the past, it made no difference.  A family with an employee, spouse and [..]

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MCC requires prescriptions??

All the politicians says they want to provide relief for small businesses and their health insurance premium.  We are a small business and we have to buy health [..]

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Section 89 was never enacted

In 1986 Congress passed the Tax Reform Act of 1986, which included Section 89.   It was intended to put a tax cap on health benefits.  The company that [..]

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Employer mandate delayed again

Review time. 2013 Groups in Massachusetts with 10 or more employees were subject to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts employer mandate.  This was the last year since the Federal [..]

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April 1st–big renewal date

April1st is either the biggest or second biggest renewal date other then January 1st for businesses in Massachusetts.  Small businesses mainly obtain their health insurance through an intermediary [..]

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Buying health insurance is not like buying a TV on Amazon

Today on I went on the Blue Cross website today for my client to get some rates and I was faced with 49 different plans to pick between: [..]

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