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Blue Cross Healthy Actions Rider for small groups, a client recent received a credit over $11,000!

                              You have Blue Cross but do not have this rider? Why not!! If [..]

Blue Cross of Massachusetts

Prager U Single-Payer Health Care: America Already Has It

Forget about Medicare and Medicaid. This video is about the VA..

Health Insurance rates, Single Payer

Delta New Total Choice PPO Rates 20% Lower Then Premier

  Delta Dental of Massachusetts has about 2.2 million members on their plans, with the large majority on their plan Premier Network Plan.     The state has [..]

Dental Insurance

Minuteman Health starting to become an option in Central Mass

    Any HMO is only as good as their network.    Many times clients will hear an advertisement and ask for a quote, then we have to tell [..]

Health Insurance Quotes, Minuteman Health