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Blue Cross Healthy Actions Rider for small groups, a client recent received a credit over $11,000!

                              You have Blue Cross but do not have this rider? Why not!! If [..]

Blue Cross of Massachusetts

New Blue Cross of Massachusetts find a doctor estimating tool

Click here for the link Video from their Facebook page below

Blue Cross of Massachusetts

Indivual non-subsidized waivers not accepted by Blue Cross

Over the past few months we have been inundated with talk about Health Insurance Exchanges.  On the local level the Commonwealth of Massachusetts did not participate in the [..]

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Buying health insurance is not like buying a TV on Amazon

Today on I went on the Blue Cross website today for my client to get some rates and I was faced with 49 different plans to pick between: [..]

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Self-Insured health plans

There was a time that only groups over 100 would ever consider this.  Blue Cross recently added Blue Funding Solutions targeting groups from 51-99 employees.  Why? In 2016, [..]

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Health Insurance rates status summer 2014

Hope everyone is having a safe summer.    Overall been a slow summer as far as health insurance rates.  Right now we are still waiting for the release of the [..]

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Blue Cross 3,000 deductible

The Blue Cross plan with the best rates right now is their plan with a $3,000 deductible.  You have co-payments for: Office Visits Actually no co-payment for your [..]

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