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Prager U Single-Payer Health Care: America Already Has It

Forget about Medicare and Medicaid. This video is about the VA..

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Should you keep your dependent children on your plan as dependents thru age 26? No!!

Recently we ran into a small family owned company, where the owner has himself (58), spouse (48) and two children (age 22 and age 25) were covered on [..]

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Delivery of healthcare becoming more retail

The only way you can control the costs of health insurance premiums is to control the cost of claims.   Providing universal health insurance, as we found out, does [..]

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Health Insurance premiums through the Massachusetts Connector Authority

The Boston Globe had an interesting column on the health insurance premiums charged through the Massachusetts Health Connector.   Here are some interesting facts we pulled from the column: [..]

Health Insurance rates

Massachusetts has near universal health coverage, why are rates still increasing?

  According to this article in the Business Insider, Massachusetts, which has the lowest uninsured rate of any state, also has several counties with near universal health insurance [..]

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“Risk adjustment” payments

Just when you thought that you could not be confused anymore?   The program, called “risk adjustment,” is a provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that takes effect [..]

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CHIA Reports on the Performance of the Massachusetts Health Care System

The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) today announced the release of its 2015 Annual Report on the Performance of the Massachusetts Health Care System. The report [..]

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April 1st rates are out

Each quarter insurance companies submit their proposed health insurance rates for the next quarter to the Division of Insurance to review.  After going back and forth, they usually [..]

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GoLocalWorcester column-Health Insurance Corner (HIC)

I have alot of fun writing a column for GoLocalWorcester on the Worcester Airport, FlyORH.  Last week, I proposed a column, Health Insurance Corner (HIC), that I would [..]

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Number of dependents =big difference in rates

As of January 1st, we need to get dates of birth on all dependents.   In the past, it made no difference.  A family with an employee, spouse and [..]

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