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Control claim costs to control premiums

Universal health insurance did nothing to control claim costs or thereby premiums.  The only thing that controls premiums is to contains costs!!   Over the past five years the [..]

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3,000 deductible health plans work!!

We have been having alot of success showing the $3,000 dollar deductible from  Blue Cross. To go from a $2,000 deductible to the $3,000 cuts the rates about [..]

High Deductible Plans

High Deductible Plans

Often referred to as Concumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP) If you have an overall healthy group, you should seriously look into these plans.  The benefits are excellent outside [..]

High Deductible Plans

Fallon Saver Basic Plans

Fallon has many plans, like the other HMO’s.  They have one design called Premium Saver (PS) Basic I and II plan that had a $1,200 hospitalization co-payment.  In [..]

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Blue Cross 3,000 deductible

The Blue Cross plan with the best rates right now is their plan with a $3,000 deductible.  You have co-payments for: Office Visits Actually no co-payment for your [..]

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