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Indivual non-subsidized waivers not accepted by Blue Cross

Over the past few months we have been inundated with talk about Health Insurance Exchanges.  On the local level the Commonwealth of Massachusetts did not participate in the [..]

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MA individual mandate predictions

We have all read about the problems that the Connector Authority has had with their website. In case you have not, here is a recent Boston Globe story. [..]

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Buying health insurance is not like buying a TV on Amazon

Today on I went on the Blue Cross website today for my client to get some rates and I was faced with 49 different plans to pick between: [..]

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Buying health insurance is not like Amazon

Fallon Health plans is across the street from my office.  They sell HMO’s with different networks: Direct Select Steward Tiered In addition to the HMO, there is  a [..]

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Open enrollment period 6 months long?

Affordable Healthcare has a 6 month open enrollment period (October – March).  Typically an open enrollment period is one month, where an employees whether or not they want [..]

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Massachusetts Connector Authority is down

In Massachusetts we are not participating in the Federal Exchange, instead we have our own exchange that we call the Connector Authority.  We have all heard about the [..]

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