Delivery of healthcare becoming more retail

The only way you can control the costs of health insurance premiums is to control the cost of claims.   Providing universal health insurance, as we found out, does not magically control the cost of claims and keep health insurance premiums.

One way to cut the cost of claims is to provide services in locations that have lower overhead then a hospital or emergency room.  First thought that comes to mind is your doctor’s office, but we all know how tough that can be to get an appointment.

The answer are urgent care clinics and they are starting to pop up everywhere.  In Worcester we have ReadyMed with four locations in Auburn, Hudson, Milford and Shrewsbury, with a new one being built on Shrewsbury Street.

This is not the only one.   Urgent Care has recently opened a storefront in Holden, Doctors Express also opened on Stafford Street in Worcester and don’t forget about all the urgent care clinics in the various pharmacies.

Remember not only does the health insurance company lower their claims which keep insurance premiums down, but you will save money in co-payments when you utilize these facilities!!!







Health Insurance rates

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