Health Insurance premiums through the Massachusetts Connector Authority

The Boston Globe had an interesting column on the health insurance premiums charged through the Massachusetts Health Connector.   Here are some interesting facts we pulled from the column:

  • 178,000 people receive coverage through the Connector
  • 132,000 people receive Government subsidies
  • 46,000 do not received any Government subsidies
  • there are 84 different plans offered through the Connector
  • the average increase for all plans will be 6.3% in 2016

The most interesting thing is to consider what would happen if there were no Government subsidies?   A large proportion of the 132,000 would drop and in the end the enrolled probably would be under 50,000 subscribers.

In the end the Connector Authority has not become an exchange where carriers offer below market premiums to get low risk subscribers.  Instead it has turned into a marketplace where people can get government subsidies to buy health insurance.


Health Insurance rates

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