High Deductible Plans

cdhp-enrollmentOften referred to as Concumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP) If you have an overall healthy group, you should seriously look into these plans.  The benefits are excellent outside the deductible:

  • one annual well care physical per year for free
  • co-payments for doctor visits
  • co-payments for prescriptions
  • co-payments for Emergency Room (this varies between carriers)

Deductible applies to:

  • day surgery
  • hospitalization
  • PET-MRI-CAT scans
  • testing (blood , etc) outside a normal office visit
  • Emergecny room (some carriers cover as co-payment)

The savings can be huge.  Not to mention your current plan does not have 100% coverage for the procedures covered by the deductible anyhow.  If you want to look at how much these plans can save you.

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High Deductible Plans

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