Are you paying too much for your health insurance?

At Advantage Benefits we are contracted with all the major carriers:

  1. Blue Cross
  2. Tufts
  3. Harvard-Pilgrim
  4. Fallon
  5. Health New England
  6. United

Most companies do not have the time to reach out to all of these carriers and request quotes when their health insurance renews.  Let us do it for you!!!!

E-mail us a census that contains:

  1. Date of Birth for employees on the health insurance
  2. Next to each employee, we need dates of births for any dependents that are covered

That’s it!!!  Best part we can do all of this through e-mails!!    Why not find out if you can save some money today, send us an e-mail.

If you are still not sure what we do, check out this video on our website.


Health Insurance Quotes

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